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Using the IDI as a Developmental Way to Meet DEI Goals

Updated: Feb 17

In 2017, I was trained as a Qualified Administrator (QA) for the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI). That was immediately following the presidential election where Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. Since that time, I have promoted the use of this tool to many of my friends and colleagues who have also become QA's. The reason I have been so passionate about this tool is because of the personal and professional growth I have experienced from taking the IDI assessment, receiving my results, and working through accompanying my Intercultural Development reflection/action plan. When I took the assessment, it was a time of extreme polarization due to the election. That "us-versus-them" polarization of perspectives continued throughout the Trump presidency, as well as years later during the murder of George Floyd in 2020. Today we see it being perpetuated daily in pop culture and on social media. The struggle for civil discourse is real. It has become clear to me that the only way out was through. We must meet people where they are at developmentally to advance diversity, inclusion, and equity. Therefore, I have invested in using the IDI as the premier, data driven tool to measure intercultural competence as the bridge between diversity and inclusion.

copyright 2022, Robin Selzer, PhD, Mays & Associates Ltd.

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