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A Message from Our President and CEO

The time is now to believe in the power of what we can do.


At Mays & Associates (MAYS), we know that our vision to do more to move conversations forward and to help individuals and organizations obtain their best work and educational environments are achievable. 

I founded MAYS on the legacy of my father, Arthur M. Mays, who made inroads by often being the first African American in professional positions and who purposefully paved the way for others to follow. MAYS provides solutions to the ever-increasing challenges in the recruitment, retention, and support of a culturally-diverse workforce. Mr. Mays, along with the support of his wife and my mother Betty Tomlinson, broke down barriers and demonstrated that there is strength in diversity. They always reminded those closest to them that each individual, through the power of education, can make a difference.

Over the past nearly 24  years, MAYS has helped thousands of individuals build cultures for diversity within their company, institution or work group. We would be honored to help you on your next journey. 

Dr. Shanda Gore

President and CEO

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