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Dr. Debra Brace

Debra Brace, Ph.D.



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Dr. Brace is an associate professor in the Judith Herb College of Education at the University of Toledo. Dr. Brace teaches courses in: student development, curriculum, research inquiry, organization and management of student affairs, history of higher, assessment and evaluation, and research in higher education. Previously, she taught at the University of Southern Mississippi and prior to that was a Research Fellow at Wabash College. 


Dr. Brace received her bachelor’s in English, master’s in education, and Ph.D. in higher education from Indiana University.


Her main research interests are in the areas of student development and well-being; effective teaching and learning; the intersection of campus and classroom design and student behavior; environmental design; and student spiritual development and its impacts with the individual’s overall development. 


She hopes to assist others with becoming more self aware and how they can make positive and effective impacts as a diverse, multicultural being.

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