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Culture Building

The culture of your organization determines employee performance and customer satisfaction. If your employees feel valued, research shows performance improves and your customers will notice.


How can we assist you?

MAYS can assist organizations of all sizes with evaluating and identifying current organizational climate trends. MAYS can then make recommendations for moving your organization forward based on the assessment results and industry best practices. 

Culture Climate Engagement Surveys

  • Creation

  • Implementation

  • Analysis

  • Delivery

Culture Climate Engagement Surveys
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Workforce Assistance

  • Job Description Review

  • Recruitment Support

  • Retention Guidance

Workforce Assistance

Affinity and ERG Group Support

  • Development

  • Maintenance

  • Marketing

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Affinity and ERG Group Support

ROAR Productions

  • PinLeader™ Podcast

  • PinLeader™ Handbook (coming soon)

  • MANE™ Platform

ROAR Productions

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